New Jersey Plastic Surgery Testimonials

You all are wonderful

Hi Helen,

It was so nice meeting you last Thursday. I would just like to say that I have been searching for a cosmetic surgeon for the past year now and and I am very impressed and felt the most comfortable in your offices than anywhere I’ve been. I tend to have a lot of anxiety and I felt very at ease with you and the doctor. He’s great; I have had restylane for my nasal defects and nasolabial folds in the past and I must say, they look amazing in comparison to last time. I am very happy that I went through with the Botox above my brow and in my eleven line on the left side, as it’s always been a little “droopy” and this slight alteration has made a big difference in my face! My eye looks so open and refreshed and my brows look so even; I really didn’t think such a small thing could make a such a difference since small things haven’t in the past, but it seems the doctor has a real eye for the injections. It’s like he knew what I wanted before I could even ask and wasn’t pushy about things I was apprehensive about which, unfortunately, is rare nowadays. I now feel comfortable with the Botox so I am definitely interested in seeing where I can have some around my eyes (crows feet) and possibly to lift the tip of my nose as we discussed. My nose looks great though; I’m happy with how it turned out and I appreciate the doctor and you being so honest and upfront about pricing and results. The last place I went, the staff would not allow me to use the same restylane syringe for my nose and nasal folds; I got two separate charges (and overpaid) and less results. Your office was able to achieve better results with the one syringe and the doctor also offered the same with the Botox since there would be extra. I’m so happy I found your office! I set up a 3 month follow up when I left the office, but after I get back from vacation at the end of February, I would like to possibly see about the additional Botox before the 3 month follow up. Again, thank you so much and please pass this along to the doctor. You all are wonderful and I will be recommending your office my friends and colleagues.

Kind Regards,

Thank you again and God Bless you

I can’t thank you enough for the excellent recontruction job of my nose. April 2014 was a life changing experience for me. I was so ashamed of what I looked like at age 49. I have had 2 other doctors try to correct the symmetry, fix my septum and reshape my nostrils. They were both New York doctors with great reputations.They both failed. Dr Ovchinsky assured me that he could correct my nose by doing a cartilage graft that was done 2 other times and was never successful.I was worried that again this would fail but after speaking with him I just felt so confident that he knew what he was talking about. I thank God I found the most amazing doctor. I had no sectum and now it looks like I have one. The doctor worked on me for 6 hours and today I feel so beautiful. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a top doctor. When he took the cast off I cried with joy. Thank you again and God Bless you. I can’t say enough as to how satisfied I am.I finally went to the best and most knowledgeable, kind and super nice doctor.


Love My Rhinoplasty Results!

Discovering Dr. Ovchinsky is a result of my 10 years search for finding a plastic surgeon who I can trust enough to let him/her have a surgery on my most prominent future of my face. I am extremely satisfied with my discovery. He is an ENT (knows the functionality aspect of nose), he is plastic Surgeon and to top it off he only works on Neck and up (don’t worry he doesn’t mess with your brain lol) and if that is not enough Rhinoplasty is his specialty. I have been to many many consultations in and out of the state. After I have done tons of research about his credentials I went for a consultation and I knew right there that I am going to have a nose I always wanted. He is the BEST, knowledgeable, confident, experienced, and supper nice, calm and kind. I am glad that now that I am about 40 I found him, and I don’t need to be worried about aging anymore :)

I have done my surgery on JUN 2013 and since then 2 of my close friends have done it and my cousin is scheduled to go in couple of months. Both of my friends have done revision rhinoplasty and are as happy and satisfy as I am. When I was doing my homework about the Dr. I would have liked to see more reviews or talk to a patient, so if you ever like to talk to me about my experience tell the office that you want to speak with me, my initial is FS and my surgery was on Jun 4th, they should be able to find out who I am. I am also so happy with the office staff (Short Hills, NJ office), they are amazing people supper nice and accommodating. Amazing amazing experience. Good luck!!!!



When I first came to Dr. Ovchinsky’s office for an initial visit I was in desperate need of help. I had been suffering for over a year not being able to breathe and when I say couldn’t breathe I mean I was walking around with a bottle of Afrin on me at ALL times. I had Afrin bottle in my car by my bed in my pockets my friends thought that I was an Afrin addict but what they didn’t know is I could not go longer then 2-3 hours without needing to use Afrin without being able to breath. There is no way I could sleep unless I had just used Afrin. After coming in for my initial visit with Dr. Ovchinsky, he told me right away that my septum had fallen through and I no longer had a septum. He gave me some sprays that immediately helped somewhat and scheduled a date for surgery. The sprays helped a bit but I still needed Afrin everyday to clear my airways. I was reluctant about this surgery because I had prior surgery 3 years before in Boston, done by a doctor from Harvard Medical school and that had gone horribly wrong. My breathing was so much worse after and I had a big bump in the middle of my nose so I really didn’t know what was going to happen after this surgery. Well let me tell you the SECOND I awoke from my surgery I could already tell my breathing had gotten 100 times better. When I came in 2 weeks later to take the bandages off I was breathing so well it almost made me want to cry that I had finally put this torture and struggle over breathing behind me. The bonus was that my nose now looked like new it was straight and small and just perfect in every way again. It had now been almost 8 months since the surgery and I’m breathing perfectly and looking great. I would recommend that everyone put there trust in DR Ovchinsky. He will take such good care of you and you will leave satisfied in every which way.


Alex M. from Boston

A happy client!

Patient Sahr Aly is happy with her result.

Patient Budor Aly is happy with her perfect result. She had a nose re-sculpted to remove an unattractive bump on her nose which was the result of accident.

Patient Is happy with her “perfect” Rhinoplasty

Patient Budor Aly is happy with her perfect result. She had a nose re-sculpted to remove an unattractive bump on her nose which was the result of accident..

Dear Dr. Alexander Ovchinsky:

Without meeting you I would still be living a hellish breath-constricted existence. After receiving surgical
and medical care under your exceptional and precise expertise, I have been feeling like a new-born
infant discovering the world for the first time, because I can finally breathe. I feel more vitality and
actually look forward to every activity in my life with eagerness.

Additionally, quite pleasantly, I have received unexpected complements on my new “look.” Thanks to
your keen observation and knowledgeable insistence on providing symmetry to my face, the balance
you created of my chin to my nose has made all the difference in the world to my life. I have been told I
look like I have more confidence, that I appear more healthy and mature, and that I innately express a
sense of sureness not apparent before. I also no longer look like I have the blackened eyes of a raccoon.
My consistently debilitating headaches have ceased. I am so happy. Thank you.

I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for this positive and permanent change in my life.
My life would never have opened up to me the way that it has without having experienced
your meticulous medical intervention.

I would like you to know that you are personally responsible for changing my life in a very positive way. I
hope to emulate you and pay my gratitude forward someday to someone in need as you have done for
me. Thank you Dr. Ovchinsky.