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Improve Your Appearance with Rhinoplasty

Your nose is the most defining central feature of your face. This prominence in facial aesthetics means that the nose has a clear and significant impact on how a person looks. As a result, even a small alteration in the shape and structure of the nose can often greatly improve one’s appearance and leave them with more balanced and defined facial features.

That’s why rhinoplasty or nose jobs are such an excellent way for a skilled plastic surgeon to help improve the way your face looks.


IPL Treatments and Specials New Jersey

IPL, which stands for Intense Pulsed Light, is a revolutionary treatment used to improve the skin by reducing sun-induced skin damage through the power of photo rejuvenation. This non-surgical treatment uses multiple wavelengths of pulsed light to effectively stimulate the deeper layers of the skin. The light is then absorbed by the pigmented (colored) cells in the skin so that brown and red pigments (ie. sun spots and age spots, rosacea, freckles, and capillaries) are reduced.


Zap Away Spider Veins

Spider veins are an ugly eyesore that can really undermine your self-image, making it a stressful event just to wear certain clothing. If you’re tired of feeling self-conscious about your spider veins, then it’s time to visit Dr. Alexander Ovchinsky and blast away those spiders with laser power!

Modern laser technology allows Dr. Ovchinsky to treat spider veins without surgery or a long recovery period. Dr. Ovchinsky uses a special laser to aim precise controlled pulses of narrow-wavelength light at the spider veins.


Benefits of Fat Transfer

One cutting-edge technique used in modern plastic surgery is fat transfer. Also called fat injection, fat autotransplantation, and fat grafting, fat transfer is a medical procedure that harvests excess fat from one part of the body (usually the belly or thigh) and then places that fat into another part of the body (usually the face) to create additional volume for aesthetic purposes.

Fat transfer can be more beneficial than using a synthetic filler for several reasons.


Botulinum Toxin Beats Wrinkles in New Jersey

You’ve heard about Botulinum Toxin before. The stars are getting injections to stay young. Maybe one of your friends looks more youthful but won’t own up to her secret. It’s time to try for yourself and learn firsthand what Botulinum Toxin can do for you!

Botulinum Toxin is a revolutionary treatment that actively works to counteract fine lines and wrinkles. As you age, the stresses of your life manifest in your skin. Years of repeated facial muscle contractions leave their mark in the form of unsightly wrinkles.


ThermiSmooth – Skin Rejuvenation – New Jersey


Advances in cosmetic technology have untapped incredible capabilities in terms of skin rejuvenation. The ThermiSmooth skin rejuvenation treatment is one of the modern treatments available and can help you look as youthful as you feel.

The ThermiSmooth treatment employs sophisticated radiofrequency technology that penetrates deep into the skin to lift, tighten and smooth. It is a non-invasive treatment that achieves deep level heating and even feels like a heated massage. There is no downtime and the procedure is effective for deep creases and wrinkles.


Laser Hair Removal – Laser Treatments – New Jersey

Laser Hair Removal

For some of us, grooming or maintaining unwanted hair can be a downright nuisance. Solutions such as shaving or waxing are flawed, especially if hair is in difficult-to-reach or sensitive areas. Fortunately, there is laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is on the cutting edge of treatments for getting rid of unwanted hair. Solutions such as shaving or waxing have limits and are ultimately very short term.

With laser treatments, hair is removed at the follicle level,


Non-Surgical Eyelift – New Jersey Cosmetics

Non-Surgical Eyelift

One area of a person’s appearance that most commonly experiences early signs of aging is the eyelids. With modern cosmetics, there is now a non-surgical eyelift. With this, you can treat the signs of aging that leave you looking constantly tired.

The way the non-surgical eyelift works is through botulinum toxin. The botulinum toxin is injected into the muscles that work to pull down the eyebrows. This injection relaxes the corrugator supercillii muscle.


Chemical Peels – Skin Treatment New Jersey

Chemical Peels

One of the best pieces of cosmetic advice is to take care of your skin and it will take care of you. With chemical peels, you can refresh your skin and treat yourself with professional-quality skin treatment.

Chemical peels and enzyme peels are skin care tools that can help you clear away unsightly skin blemishes and rejuvenate your complexion. The chemicals used are specially formulated blends of alpha hydroxy acids or glycolic acid that are applied to the skin.


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