Initial Consultation

The goal of your initial consultation with Dr. Ovchinsky is to use his expertise and extensive experience in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery to aid you in determining which procedure, or a combination of procedures, is right for you.

During the consultation you will learn about different treatment options available and, with Dr. Ovchinsky’s help, you should be able to develop a clear understanding of how to achieve the best possible result.

Dr. Ovchinsky spends a significant amount of time with every patient. During your consultation with the doctor and/or our esthetician, you can ask all of your questions and discuss different treatment options. Dr. Ovchinsky typically spends 30 to 60 minutes discussing your needs and goals, answering questions, and explaining which procedure is right for you. He will also review your health history and explain the risks of each procedure, the technology used, and the recovery expectations. Dr. Ovchinsky will most likely take photos for your personal “Before and After” images.

At the conclusion of your consultation, you will receive a written quote for the cost of the discussed procedures. It is our office policy that fees for cosmetic surgery must be paid in full at least four weeks before your surgery date.

If you are considering a facial cosmetic or reconstructive procedure, please contact Plastic Surgery of Short Hills, the office of Dr. Alexander Ovchinsky, to schedule your initial consultation. We would be honored if you consider “Plastic Surgery of Short Hills” in your surgical and/or aesthetic planning. We look forward to meeting you.

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