Non-Surgical Eyelid Lift

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The non-surgical eyelift and browlift use the injectable treatments to re-establish youthful proportions and rejuvenate tired eyes. Often a combination of neuromodulator and temporary fillers is used.

To lift the upper eyelids non-surgically, neuromodulator is injected into the muscles that pull down the eyebrows including the corrugator supercilli muscle between the eyebrows, and the orbicularis oculi muscle at the outer tail of the brow. Injecting these muscles allows the brows to lift, opening the upper eyelids. Being a very experienced injector, Dr. Ovchinsky can shape and tilt the outer brows. The result is a non-surgical browlift and the upper eyelids open up. This works best for the patients with less severe upper eyelid and brow drooping. With more advanced aging and heavier upper eyelids this technique is not as effective, and an upper eyelid lift (upper blepharoplasty) or an endoscopic browlift are better choices. Dr. Ovchinsky will evaluate whether you would benefit better from a surgical or non-surgical eyelift or browlift.

With aging, dark circles and sunken areas appear under the eyes. These sunken areas accentuate the appearance of the fatty bags in the lower eyelids, making them more noticeable.

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To correct this, the dark circles or sunken areas of the lower eyelids can be injected with a filler, which would make them less sunken. This usually improves the dark circles as there is less shading in this area of the eye; the fatty bags also become less apparent as there is a smoother transition from the eyelid into the cheek area. The most common fillers used for this purpose are hyaluronic acid based fillers. The lower eyelids are composed of very thin skin and injecting these fillers too superficially can often result in visible lumps, nodules and irregularities. The best hyaluronic acid fillers to use are Restylane and Belotero because they are softer and create less lumpiness. These fillers also tend not to attract much water thus minimizing the swelling under the eyes.

Many patients will start with “non-surgical eyelid lifts” in their thirties when these changes start to occur, and continue with them into their late forties. Around the fifties the tissues of the eyes become loose and droopy enough that the injections have less of an effect, and this is when they will usually look for surgical options, such as blepharoplasty and/or browlift.