Male Rhinoplasty

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What Is Male Rhinoplasty?

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Male rhinoplasty is more common than most realize, especially when contact sports injuries create misshapen or damaged noses. Male patients might especially want rhinoplasty if they have been involved in altercations, accidents, or other incidents in which they experience trauma to their nose; and many male patients might desire repair over change when they do undergo rhinoplasty.

In the event the nose is broken as a result of trauma, a septal deviation can occur. A deviated septum can quickly lead to an obstructed airway, which then leads to snoring, sleep problems, and difficulty with exercise. Breathing difficulties alone make undergoing rhinoplasty an important option for both men and women.

Why Choose Male Rhinoplasty?

Male rhinoplasty patients also commonly choose to have rhinoplasty for aesthetic reasons. The appearance of the nose affects the entire look of the face, and changing it ever so slightly can give patients a much-needed boost in their self-esteem.

Male rhinoplasty can improve the overall appearance and function of the nose with the most natural, undetected results. It can correct a short or long nose, increase the tip length or just refine it, reduce the nasal bridge, correct the nasal deviation and eliminate a nasal or dorsal bump. Whether your irregularities are congenital or the results of an old sports injury or scuffle in college, Dr. Ovchinsky can provide the most natural results that restore balance and symmetry to a man’s face without taking away his masculinity.


Nuances of male nasal esthetics:

A man’s nose should look like a man’s nose. This is a seemingly easy concept but probably not followed by many plastic surgeons. Whereas a female nose can be slightly rotated on a small figure or have a slightly narrower appearance, both normal and natural variations, a man’s nose will look odd if his tip overly rotated, pinched, or concave.

A straight nose is paramount on a female face, but on a male face, slight deviation can be acceptable. On profile view, a straight profile or a slight convexity to the bridge can make it difficult for outside observers to tell if there has been a rhinoplasty.

The osteotomies (narrowing of the nasal bones) are completely different in a male rhinoplasty and a female rhinoplasty. Females can and often seek slight narrowing of the nose on frontal view. A male nose must be narrowed with caution. A tell-tale sign of a male rhinoplasty is two indentations on the sides of the nose, which is an indication that the surgeon has been too aggressive with the osteotomies.

Several factors must be considered and discussed during the surgical consultation, like skin type and ethnicity, the level of deformity as well as the overall function of the nasal structures. All of this information as well as explaining your goals for the surgery help to determine the right procedure for you.

You can find most of the answers to your questions about rhinoplasty surgery on our website under “Rhinoplasty FAQ.


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