Lip Lift

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With age, certain changes affect the lips due to the loss of volume and skin elasticity . The fullness and volume of the red portion of the lips becomes less, while the length of the white (skin portion) of the upper lip becomes more. Fillers have been used for years to improve the volume of the lips and make the red lip appear fuller. However, there are few downsides of using fillers for lip augmentation: 1) fillers do nothing to decrease the length of excessively long white upper lip; 2) fillers not only increase lip volume in a vertical direction, but also horizontally, causing so called “duck lips” appearance in certain patients; 3) fillers are absorbable and injections need to be repeated every 6 months or so.

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Lip lift is a surgical procedure aimed to increase the amount of visible red upper lip, helping lips look more youthful and full. The procedure takes less than an hour and is usually performed under local anesthesia in the office or a facility.

Technically speaking, lip lift involves removal of a sliver of tissue from beneath your nose. Upon closure, the upper lip gets pulled up thus exposing more of the red lip and the teeth. The sutures are removed one week after the procedure. There is a certain degree of swelling right after the surgery, which requires some downtime, usually around one week. The scar is well hidden right underneath the nose in a line almost shaped like a bullhorn, and usually becomes inconspicuous after some time.