Teenage Rhinoplasty

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What Is A Nose Job?

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The nose job, or rhinoplasty, is the most common cosmetic surgery done in teens. As of 2012, the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) indicated that plastic surgery among the young is on the rise with the number of teenage patients receiving treatments today at more than five times the number it was fifteen years ago.

Teenage Rhinoplasty Explained

Along with the insecurities and fears that are so common in adolescence, having a “bad nose” can make some teens particularly self-conscious and unhappy about their appearance. More than almost any other age group, teenagers are subjected to the pressure of their peers. Physical appearance plays a key role in how confident teenagers may feel in the social world at large. For many teens, a nose that is too large or misshapen can be the source of teasing, embarrassment, and discomfort. Teenage rhinoplasty helps correct the appearance of the nose while maintaining the proportional balance of a younger face, providing emotional support to this extremely sensitive age group.

Reasons To Opt For Teenage Rhinoplasty?

Some parents may feel conflicted about allowing their child to undergo plastic surgery, wondering if it sends them the wrong message. Deciding to undergo rhinoplasty is an extremely personal decision that ultimately comes down to whether or not you will be saving your child more emotional scarring by allowing him or her undergo the procedure. Confidence during adolescence is essential for normal emotional and social development.


  • Correction of a large nasal hump
  • Correction of nasal deviation
  • Narrowing of a wide nasal bridge
  • Correction of a droopy tip
  • Restoration of nasal symmetry
  • Boosting child’s confidence and self-esteem
  • Improvement in breathing at the same time


Teenage rhinoplasty should typically be performed on girls and boys 15 years or older. Waiting until this age ensures that their nose and other facial features have finished growing. What’s more important is that the teenager is making a mature decision to consider rhinoplasty and has thought carefully about the motivations and consequences.


There is typically a 7-10 days healing period after rhinoplasty, which may require your child to miss time in school. Your teen will also have to avoid certain activities like contact sports and P.E. classes for two months. If this is a concern, you may wish to schedule your teen’s rhinoplasty during the summer to ensure she/he receives adequate healing time.

You can find most of the answers to your questions about rhinoplasty surgery on our website under “Rhinoplasty FAQ.

It has been our experience that, surprisingly, many friends or classmates of our teenage rhinoplasty patients do not realize that the patient had a nose job. Most may think he or she just “looks great”, had a haircut or a nice tan, and are not able to figure out what really is different. Some close friends, who may know about the surgery, do not usually make a big deal about it. And let’s face it- some of them probably wish they could have the surgery themselves too! In fact, some friends of our teen rhinoplasty patients come to our office after they see the results. More importantly, our teen patients are usually the ones who notice the difference in their appearance and feel a boost in self-confidence.

In Dr. Ovchinsky’s experience, teens like to take advantage of the summer and winter breaks to undergo surgery, so advance planning is important. We would be delighted to see you at a consultation in our office and to have an opportunity to create the nose you have always dreamed of!


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