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When it comes to shopping for the basics, most of us make a decision heavily influenced by price – But the majority of people wouldn’t do the same when it came to a specialized service. Deciding who provides a medical procedure supersedes any discount service available for many reasons: Knowledge, experience, personalized care, and results guaranteed to please. This is crucial in the decision making process of finding an injector. 

Your face is the first thing people see and the single most defining body part you have, and should be treated as such by a meticulous and experienced injector who takes a realistic and informed approach to giving you what you want. Any injector can bring you in and do exactly what you say you want, but only a master injector will take your individual needs into consideration and evaluate the best course of action to achieve the results you have in mind – Even if that means they make less than what they would by following the patient’s instructions. The additional cost of a provider like this covers the intensive training, schooling, and hard-earned, real-life experience to back up their medical advice. 

Although injections such as filler and ‘tox’ are cosmetic, the medical aspect shouldn’t be understated – and there’s a reason patients don’t prescribe their own treatments. While the concerns and desires of patients are crucial to determining the proper course of action, the invaluable education and experience of the practitioner are vital to ensuring that plan is made correctly. 

For example: say your desired result is to reduce the hollowness in your under-eye. Seems simple enough to inject a filler in that specific area, but for a lot of patients, the best course of action is to also inject it into the cheek to provide needed support. A discount injector might not even ask your desired result but simply where you want the ‘tox, inject you in the tear trough, and leave you dissatisfied – or worse-off than before.  

Another common instance is over-filling the face at the request of a patient. Discount injectors likely won’t take the overall results and welfare of their patients into consideration before accepting the sale of a high-ticket syringe, while an experienced injector will turn away money if it means providing adequate care. 

At Plastic Surgery of Short Hills, we value long-standing patient relationships that are built on trust and consistent results rather than a revolving door of sales or new and dissatisfied customers. Our injectors, like Fiona Vierneza NP,  would sooner turn a patient loose with no sale than jeopardize their overall health and/or appearance. 

If you have any questions or want to discuss what’s possible for you through injectables, call us today! Our well-informed front desk receptionists can walk you through any requests or book you for a consultation at your convenience. 

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