Thermi – Skin-Tightening Treatment – New Jersey

Over time, it’s natural that the skin will tend to sag in many areas of the body. This is the result of a loss of skin elasticity, which can be made worse by smoking, stress and sun damage. If you are concerned about the way loose skin has given you an older appearance, Thermi may be right for you.

Thermi, or Thermi-Tight, is one of the newest treatments that utilizes heat to tighten the skin. Thermi is an FDA-approved procedure where radiofrequency energy penetrates the skin with a tiny needle-like probe. The heat stimulates the skin to rebuild collagen and improve skin elasticity. With this procedure, skin can be tightened on many areas of the body.

At [primary_practice], you can speak with Dr. Alexander Ovchinsky and learn more about our Thermi treatments, which are available in-house.

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