Zap Away Spider Veins

Spider veins are an ugly eyesore that can really undermine your self-image, making it a stressful event just to wear certain clothing. If you’re tired of feeling self-conscious about your spider veins, then it’s time to visit Dr. Alexander Ovchinsky and blast away those spiders with laser power!

Modern laser technology allows Dr. Ovchinsky to treat spider veins without surgery or a long recovery period. Dr. Ovchinsky uses a special laser to aim precise controlled pulses of narrow-wavelength light at the spider veins. The spider veins absorb this wavelength of light and heat up, then collapse and close.

Afterwards, the spider veins are gradually re-absorbed by the body’s natural processes. The patient can resume normal activities immediately.

Most patients need a series of six to eight treatments to achieve long-lasting results. Double-board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Ovchinsky performs these laser spider vein treatments in an office setting with a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Contact us today for a consultation!

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